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Promote My Movies to be Poor No More Entertainment Campus


We believe that the most powerful way to change the world is through a one-on-one conversation.

Promote My Movies to be Poor No More

 Entertainment Campus can play an important role in developing and championing the work of artist around the world. We believe that artistic talent are the heart form of communication and relationship building. One of our primary drivers of uniting a cultural performing arts community are key factors to the rich quality of life and creates opportunities that we welcome. If you can't do it along and you need a team, call us. 612-306-5894.

We offer a full range of Aerial Photography Video, film production, talent placement, Television programming production, events, Sports events. What ever your visual production needs are we can assist.

Ask me what I want to be?
The movie Poor No More Because of Brookdale is a must see documentary was filmed in Brooklyn Center MN., This film host an a ray of talent and a true story based on a vision wanting to make a difference in the lives of many by creating a motion picture studio with retail outlets. and  get your copy today.

Health and Wellness
should be high on your list. Check it out here.

We are looking for gift givers to help others help you and be apart of this exciting movement to perform for the good. This shared vision of advocating for financial acquisition and sustainability for your future prosperity.  Development, implementation, and advocating for those less fortunate. This model to reach residents and put them on their way to financial growth, education and counselors is one step away. Go to the Investment Gift Project.

Minnesota Musician Museum Wall, if you have stories and photos to add to this page contact us: 612-306-5894 or send them in to poornomoreinc@gmail.com         Get your music heard on our itune page. We will download your music and get it sold for you.