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(TCTAP) Talent Coming Together Against Poverty

We are looking for talent and others to be apart of this exciting movement to perform for the good. This shared vision of advocating for financial acquistion and sustainability for your future prosperity.  Development, implementation, and advocating for those less fortunate. This model to reach residents and put them on their way to financial growth, education and counselors is one step away

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  The television series Family Guy airing at 5PM
Presented by; Donald Jackson CEO of Poor No More .
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Stop in the Name of Love! You’re breaking my heart
(Adult Animated shows are not for Children)

Regulation of Obscenity, Indecency and Profanity toward teenage children
In relationship to the rights of humans in the world I submit this request to boycott and to stop the showing of one Family Guy the television series listed as (an Adult animated sitcom), shown on Fox television and other networks that airs five days per week between 5:00 7:30 PM. During dinner were families are having time together with kids of ages 17 years and under that may be watching television.

We are asking to stop watching this show in your home during evenings at your family time

Stop in the Name of Love movement
We are asking adults to not watch this television show
The show Family Guy is not like any family I want to know, it’s misleading, disrespectful, abusive to children and criminal.
Mile Kunis does the voice of ( Meg Griffin a 16) year old high school teenager who is constantly mocked, abused, made fun of and belittle in the show by her family members and neighbors. Seth Green the voice of Chris Griffin a high school teenager is subjected to a senior citizen with a walker that is endlessly trying to get Chris to have sex with him. Where sex offenders are put on notice in country this show seems to promote sex offenders and lead our teens thinking this is acceptable. This kind of behavior is acceptable.
Why do we stand by and let this happen?  Sex offenders are jailed for their actions in the first place?. This show says (look but you can touch) get real.

We are hoping to send a message, that the parents, law makers and community responsibility doesn’t condone this kind of activities in an American family and to boycott this show and remove it from airing at 5:PM  STOP the abuse and disrespect to our children. We want this to be heard around the world.

A Bureau of justice Statistics report show a child between the ages of 12-17 who is the victim of prolonged sexual are physical abuse usually develops low self-esteem, a feeling of worthlessness and an abnormal or distorted views of self. The child may become withdrawn and mistrustful of adults, and can become suicidal.

This show is not funny when you think about it. Would you treat you kids like this?, is life so bad that you have to get your laughs off of kids being abused and sodomized. The show shows a drunken dog asking to have sex with a 16 year old girl. A not yet 2 year baby still in diapers shown laying down next to a doll appearing to have had sex, pulling up his pamper. I find this tasteless and indecent and degrading to the American Family. WHERE DO KIDS GET THE IDEA THAT CARING GUNS IS COOL....

Family Guy is unsuitable for viewing during family time and should not be shown during 5:00PM and 7:30PM of any night.
A not yet 2 year old baby threatens his mother life with violence, makes nursing the mothers breast a sexual joke is not good viewing for children who can’t possibly understand what’s going on, but could be impacted the rest of their life from continual brain washing. These tactics are unacceptable behavior methods for viewing during this time of the day. Are these kids crying for help? I believe they may be. ARE YOU LISTENING?  When you look at the face of Meg and Chris they seem to never be happy, maybe there are crying out for someone to help them,
the show is too funny for anybody to notice.

Stop in the name of love, before you break their hearts, think it over.

Millions of dollars are spent trying to fix teens from bullying, teenage suicide, drug abusive, are
running into a school with a loaded gun.
Killing of parents and grandparents by adolescence youth is not new and is a growing problem in America, however it seems to be happening more and more today.  ha, ha, ha, ha, that’s real funny.

Boycott the showing or just turn off your television to Family Guy, between 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM and stop the abuse of our youth.
We ask that adults who are against this kind of abuse step up and stop watching this show in
the name of love for your child and other children in America and around the world.
Stop in the name of Love, before you break their hearts, think it over.
Free our children from abuse.

Poor No More Production, stand in alignment of this plea to not watch the Family Guy show and have put an alternative
for youth with special needs and developmental differences in place
Contact us for more information: STANDING UP FOR SOMETHING
612-309-3578 or 612-306-5894 poornomoreinc@gmail.com

Eddie Smerfy  speaker, comic, actor, producer